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Artículo sobre au pairs colombianas

Acabo de leer el siguiente artículo de la página Ellos ofrecen consejos a host families sobre las mejores agencias y sobre muchos temas relacionados con au pairs, para tener acceso a esa información se debe pagar una membresía pero de vez en cuando ofrecen artículos gratis como el de esta entrada.

El artículo se llama Au pairs Colombianas, "las Mary Poppins de la industria" y en él tratan de describir de manera general las características de las au pairs que vienen de Colombia. Afortunadamente todo lo que dicen es positivo aunque yo no lo consideraría 100% acertado, juzguen ustedes.

Colombian Au Pairs


Colombian Au Pairs - the Mary Poppins of the Industry

Colombia is a relatively new market for au pair agencies and becoming increasingly more popular.  We attended a 2009 workshop on Colombian au pairs and what the agent told the group about these young ladies was very impressive. 
The demographics of the group of au pairs coming from Colombia reads like the Mary Poppins of au pairs! 


First, the majority of young women applying for the program come from the middle and upper classes in Colombia and most of them are educated in private schools.  So, they are highly educated compared to the rest of the population.  In private school, they study English at a very young age and are well-versed in both written and spoken English!


In addition, most Colombian families have between 2-3 children and therefore the "only child" is not common (experience with siblings provide a teaching model in sharing with others, learning to wait for their turn and experience in caring for younger siblings).   Children are very important to the Colombian family and they are cherished and well cared for.   Your Colombian au pair will be patient and loving with your children.


Due to the high socio-economic status of these families, there is money for a car or two and most of Colombian au pairs have good, solid driving experience and have at least 2 years experience behind the wheel.  They also drive on the right side of the road.  


The average age of a Colombian au pair is 23 - they are older and because of this, one can expect a higher level of maturity and responsibility.  Great news for host families with both young and older children!  Older au pairs are generally more settled and make better decisions overall  (read Dr. Siman's article "Why Can't Au Pairs Be More Like Adults" in our  Contributing Writers section).


Now, let's look at their ChildCare Experience.  According to statistics from the goAupair agency, Colombian au pairs really shine in this area:  96% of all applicants have babysitting or daycare experience, 42% have teaching/tutor experience and 21% have either au pair or nanny experience.  We can confirm these statistics as well - our experience with au pairs from this country support this glowing report of high experience taking care of children. 


The most common reason for coming to America is to improve their English and to add to their resume as most Colombian au pairs are career oriented and hope to return to their country to start a business or to attend university. 
What about their English skills?  Because they have been educated in private schools, their English is pretty good and  better than the general population.  Colombian au pairs' English is typically better than most au pairs coming from Brazil or Mexico. 
If you are looking for an you an older, educated au pair, with significant childcare experience, who drives well and speaks good English, maybe it is time to check out this country! 
You just may find a Colombian "Mary Poppins" for your family.

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